Reality Check - You Can Defensibly Delete Data

Learn the basics of defensible deletion and key considerations for implementing a defensible deletion strategy at your company.

The relentless growth of enterprise data has become especially burdensome for corporate legal and IT teams, given that they're largely responsible for preserving that data. Simply adding more storage capability, cheap though it might be, will not solve the problem, and in fact is likely to exacerbate it. Defensible deletion addresses this problem by creating an orderly, repeatable process for eliminating data that has little or no business value but has the potential to require costly review by outside counsel.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • What defensible deletion is and how it can make the e-discovery process easier
  • Two key considerations that you should be aware of before implementing a defensible deletion strategy
  • 3 step process for applying a defensible deletion strategy at your organization

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