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Cybersecurity Compliance

Exterro Incident and Breach Management Product Brief

Exterro Incident and Breach Management ™ is an integrated solution that enables you to be confident that your incident and breach response process is both documented and defensible. Leveraging the NIST Standards Playbook this solution bridges the gap between Information Security, IT and your Legal team to ensure a comprehensive and documented process. It eliminates current ad-hoc, risky approaches, delivering greater predictability, transparency and speed to resolution. Our powerful workflow engine enables you to easily create a complete response that incorporates differing local or global requirements based on the affected data and constituents. Flexible reporting delivers unparalleled insight into the incident and your response.

Read this product brief to see how Exterro Incident and Breach Management can help you:

  • Immediately gain insight into the potential severity of an incident or breach
  • Enforce repeatable, consistent workflow to protect the defensibility of your response process
  • Easily integrate with your existing security application infrastructure

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