Best Practices for Leveraging Predictive Coding

Best practices for properly leveraging predictive coding in e-discovery

Recent court rulings have given legitimacy to the use of “predictive coding" for addressing skyrocketing legal review. E-Discovery teams are also discovering that predictive coding can now be applied across multiple phases of the EDRM, enabling them to gain crucial intelligence about a matter much earlier in the process. But with predictive coding comes a host of questions.

In this on-demand webcast, panelists discuss how predictive coding can help e-discovery teams (legal, IT and records management) lower e-discovery costs.

Watch and learn answers to these three questions:

  • What are the most important performance metrics for measuring success?
  • What key defensibility factors need to be considered when applying predictive coding in e-discovery?
  • How can predictive coding defensibly be applied prior to collection?

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