Platform Administrator Certification Attendee Guide

General Information

Exterro’s Platform Administrator Training is usually held in person for 3 days and covers the configuration and management of the entire Exterro Platform.

With the Stay at Home orders in most states, we’ve moved this training to on-demand recordings. Participants can view the recordings at any time and office hours are held every other week for questions that arise.

Upon request, synchronous sessions can be held with the training broken up into 3 hour sessions as well as added some additional time to refresh where we were, answer any questions, and discuss some hot-off-the-presses modules that Exterro is releasing.

Training Location

All training sessions will take place over via recording with questions asked via email or in special GoToMeeting office hours.

Written Exercises

At the conclusion of the training, you will be given a Word document containing exercises to complete within the Exterro system as well as some questions to answer. This document must be completed and returned in order to receive certification.

Shared Site/Session

We will all be logging into a training site for this session and all exercises will be done in this site. Please ensure that you are prepared to discuss any questions with other Exterro partners. In the past, participants who could not disclose their clients information simply came up with alternate names for their projects. Either “I’m working with a bank that is having some issues around hold distribution to tellers” or perhaps “my client, Bank of Table, is having issues….”

When working in the system we ask that you keep the naming conventions “clean” and that you have some kind of theme surrounding your work so different individuals can be located easily at the evaluation phase. Please do not use the last names of other registrants, but feel free to be “Bruce Wayne” or “Dr. Evil” or “Snidely Whiplash” if you like.

Modules Covered

We anticipate covering all Exterro modules listed below, but possibly not in the indicated order.

  • Core configuration
    • Matters
    • Employees
  • Office 365 Explorer
  • Legal Hold
  • Interview/Questionnaire
  • In-Place Preservation
  • Employee Change Monitor
  • Data Sources
  • Data Inventory
  • E-Discovery Data Management
    • ECA
    • Collection
    • ESI Vault
    • Review Portal
    • Production
    • Smart (AI) tools for ECA and Labeling/Review
  • File Analysis
  • Exterro Project Management
  • Data Subject Access Request Portal or Public Records Request Portal
  • Data Minimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Risk Assessment
  • Cookie Consent

Incident and Breach Management

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