Overcoming the FOIA Dilemma White Paper

Experts from Exterro, Deloitte & South Carolina State Ports Authority provide best practices for responding to FOIA requests involving high volumes of data.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a once obscure federal law, has burdened federal agencies with the need to conduct electronic discovery for records being requested by individuals and private parties. In the years since FOIA was enacted, states have adopted similar public records laws, which have imposed similar challenges on agencies at the state and local levels. As records requests have dramatically increased in recent years, federal and state agencies have struggled to keep pace and some agencies now face request back logs in the tens of thousands.

In this white paper, experts from Exterro, Deloitte and South Carolina State Ports Authority examine the FOIA dilemma, explaining why FOIA requests are on the rise and offering best practices for streamlining the FOIA response process. Read the white paper and learn:

  • How to incorporate subject matter experts (SMEs) into the FOIA process
  • Leveraging advanced analytics technology to conduct centralized searches and collections across a variety of data sources
  • Expediting the redaction process to save time and money

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