Master's Guide to E-Discovery E-Book

Comprehensive e-discovery resource comprised of surveys, infographics, expert quotes and best practices covering a variety of e-discovery topics.

Master's Guide to E-Discovery E-Book

E-Discovery is a complex, niche area of the law that relies on collaboration and coordination between disparate areas of an organization. Companies in the early stages of crafting a repeatable e-discovery process quickly learn that there are a variety of factors to consider and challenges to overcome.

The Master's Guide to E-Discovery E-Book takes a comprehensive look at the world of e-discovery, examining five key areas: costs, process, technology integration, defensibility and strategy. Unlike a traditional white paper, the Master's Guide to E-Discovery presents a variety of different types of content, including:

  • Survey results from past Exterro webcasts
  • Dynamic infographics with instructive visuals
  • Advice from experts and real world e-discovery practitioners
  • Simple and proven best practices

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