E-Discovery & Regulatory Compliance: Litigation, Investigations and Regulations, Oh My

How to defensibility maintain regulatory compliance

Just like Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz," corporations are facing a tornado of e-discovery related concerns that stretch beyond just litigation. Combined with high litigation volumes and evolving regulations, corporations are coming to realize that they “aren't in Kansas anymore." They need more efficient processes to meet document production requests while maintaining e-discovery defensibility and privilege in related matters.

This on-demand webcast examines the major challenges associated with responding to investigations and best practices that will enable legal and IT teams to become wizards in the land of e-discovery.

Watch to learn:

  • Protocols that will help ensure requested data is identified and preserved
  • How to mitigate risks when compelled to produce data stored in the cloud or in foreign jurisdictions
  • Technology's role in reducing preservation and collection costs for regulatory activities

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