In-Place Preservation: Locking Down Data without Collecting It

Part 2 of the Essential New E-Discovery Technology for In-House Legal Departments Webcast Series

Legal teams are often faced with a common e-discovery conundrum: to collect or not to collect data? On one hand, you don’t want to risk spoliation, but at the same time, you want to take a proportional e-discovery approach. Not long ago, you didn’t have a technology middle ground that empowered you to ensure defensibility while remaining proportional.

In our new technology webcast series, you will hear from technology experts along with in-house legal professionals like yourself on what e-discovery tools they are keeping an eye on and those that have made a lasting impact on their legal departments. This on-demand webcast will provide a primer on what in-place preservation is and how legal teams are leveraging this type of technology to support both their defensibility and efficiency objectives.

NOTE: These sessions will be product agnostic, and not feature specific vendor products.

View this on-demand webcast to:

  • Learn about how in-place preservation can help simplify your current e-discovery approach
  • Get in-depth analysis and advice on how leading in-house legal departments are leveraging in-place preservation solutions
  • Understand how in-place preservation improves both the defensibility and efficiency of your e-discovery process

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