How to Build a Data Inventory at Your Organization

What you need to know to maintain an actionable and compliant data inventory

How to Build a Data Inventory at Your Organization

For many businesses, data is everywhere. Until recent laws and regulations establishing stringent new requirements for consumer data privacy, what happens with an individual’s data after it’s fulfilled its purpose could have been anyone’s guess. But now, data privacy laws require that businesses have an obligation to fork over consumer information if it's asked for.

All of this happened—and is continuing to happen—faster than most organizations can prepare for it. As the amount of data companies and governments hold onto continues to scale upward, organizing and managing that data in a secure, compliant, and thoughtful way becomes even more important.

Exterro has put together this guide to help individuals who play a key role in managing their organization’s data. With the right mix of people, processes, and technology, implementing and automating routine maintenance of your organization’s data can become an efficient way to comply with new privacy laws.

    What you will learn:

    • Why it's important to have a data inventory
    • How to minimize organizational ROT and third-party vendor data access
    • How to overcome key challenges in establishing a data inventory

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