Take a Facts First Approach to E-Discovery

How to combat “big data” with a combination of process and technology that helps surface relevant documents sooner.

According to the analyst firm IDC, the average office worker produces 1.7 terabytes of electronically stored information each year. The explosion of data in recent years has made it more and more difficult for legal teams to defensibly respond to e-discovery obligations. The challenge must be met holistically through a combination of human intelligence, legal process and advanced e-discovery technology.

This white paper delves into the challenges faced by today's enterprises and provides practical steps for applying a “Facts First" approach to e-discovery, which allows legal teams to locate relevant information much sooner in the process.

This white paper covers:

  • Case law and trends that underscore the impact “big data" is having on e-discovery requirements
  • 10 best practice steps for developing a proactive, “facts first" e-discovery strategy
  • Technology considerations for supporting a more efficient, cost-effective e-discovery process

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