Exterro Client Spotlight: Vestas Wind Systems

In this on-demand webcast, Vestas discussed their e-discovery process, how it’s managed, who’s involved and how they streamlined e-discovery activities.

Exterro Client Spotlight: Vestas Wind Systems

In Exterro's new client spotlight webcast series, on a regular basis Exterro clients will discuss how they set up their own e-discovery process and supply attendees with lessons learned along the way.

In this on-demand webcast, Vestas Wind Systems' Sr. Litigation Paralegal, Beth King, who manages Vestas' preservation process, discussed how they were able to improve and streamline their e-discovery and pre-litigation processes.

View this on-demand webcast to learn how Vestas Wind Systems:

  • Went from managing their legal holds with spreadsheets to automating their preservation process with technology
  • Adapted their legal department to an evolving cross-border legal landscape
  • Incorporated custodian interviews into their legal hold process to ensure all relevant custodians are put on hold

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