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Data Risk Management

Privacy Bytes: Enabling the Continuous PIA through Data Discovery

Detroit Athletic Club, Kahn Room, 241 Madison St Detroit, MI 48226

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Privacy Bytes: Enabling the Continuous PIA through Data Discovery

Welcome to Privacy Bytes, our virtual brown bag lunch series where peer-to-peer conversations drive insights and understanding. In this session, we'll focus on "Enabling the Continuous PIA through Data Discovery." 

Enabling the Continuous PIA through Data Discovery is vital for effective data risk management as it ensures a real-time, comprehensive understanding of data assets, facilitating the early identification and mitigation of privacy risks. This proactive approach allows organizations to continuously monitor and address potential data vulnerabilities, enhancing their ability to prevent data breaches and compliance violations. Ultimately, it strengthens the organization's overall risk management framework, providing greater assurance to stakeholders regarding data security and privacy. 

Join us for an informal and collaborative discussion as we delve into the practical steps and benefits of integrating continuous Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) with data discovery processes. This session is perfect for privacy professionals, IT practitioners, and compliance officers looking to enhance their data risk management strategies. 

In this relaxed setting, there will be no formal presentations. Instead, we'll facilitate an open dialogue where you can exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and learn from one another's experiences. Whether you're just starting your data minimization journey or looking to refine existing practices, this webcast will provide valuable insights and actionable advice. 

Privacy Bytes is your opportunity to engage with peers, gain fresh perspectives, and strengthen your understanding of data privacy challenges. Don't miss out on this valuable networking and learning opportunity. Join us for Privacy Bytes and be part of the conversation that drives innovation in data privacy. 

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