Eliminate hours of manual work with AI-based video recognition

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The proliferation of video-based evidence is both a blessing and a curse. While video evidence is critical for investigators, forensic technicians have to go through each video to determine if there is anything relevant and if so, the arduous process of logging the timestamp of key elements begins. Forensic video review can take hours, days, even weeks depending on how much evidence there is.

The latest release of FTK provides a helping hand to investigators with AI-based video recognition built-in to the FTK product suite. Eliminate hours of manual video review by automatically flagging points of interest. Visualization technology helps you get a clearer picture of events by displaying your data in timelines, cluster graphs, pie charts, geolocations, and more.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Leverage AI to flag key elements such as people, weapons, drugs, vehicles and more. 
  • Use visualization to get a clearer picture of what the evidence is saying.

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