edTalks: Maura Grossman, Ralph Losey, Geoffrey Klingsporn

E-Discovery thought leaders Maura Grossman, Geoffrey Klingsporn, and Ralph Losey discuss cutting edge ideas in three 15 minute presentations.

edTalks: Maura Grossman, Ralph Losey, Geoffrey Klingsporn

Georgetown Law CLE & Exterro have partnered to create a new legal thought leadership educational initiative called edTalks, featuring innovative and thought-provoking presentations on cutting edge e-discovery ideas, concepts and best practices. Each edTalk is only 15 minutes long, empowering you to quickly get new techniques and knowledge for re-thinking and improving your e-discovery practices. 

In this on-demand webcast, watch three separate edTalks:

  • Attorney Algorithm Aversion and Infatuation.
    In the legal industry, we have observed two conflicting reactions to artificial intelligence: both resistance to using algorithms that have been shown to be effective and efficient, and over reliance on algorithms that are unproven and dangerous. This edTalk will address these opposing tendencies from psychosocial, economic, and scientific perspectives. Presented by Maura R. Grossman, Esq., eDiscovery Consultant / Expert / Mediator / Special Master; Maura Grossman Law 
  • Proportional Document Review under the New Rules and the Art of Cost Estimation.
    Controlling doc review costs and making proportionality objections under revised Rule 34(b)(2) is tricky, especially if your main complaint is overburdensomeness. The metrics you need for a good review plan and valid objection both depend on being able to estimate the time and costs of review. This talk will give you a quick peek on how to do that. Presented by Ralph Losey, Esq., National E-Discovery Counsel, Jackson Lewis P.C. 
  • Technology and Trust.
    E-Discovery is typically conceived as a question of technology: How can we use electronic tools to solve the problems of electronic information? But this conception risks abandoning or devaluing necessarily human aspects of e-discovery—especially relationships of trust. Focusing particularly on e-discovery for in-house legal teams and large organizations, this talk addresses the continuing need to integrate trust as part of the e-discovery process. Presented by Geoffrey Klingsporn, Esq., Senior Assistant City Attorney, City and County of Denver

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