edTalks: Maura Grossman, Ralph Losey, Geoffrey Klingsporn Webcast Slides

Learn key takeways from edTalks from e-discovery thought leaders Maura Grossman, Geoffrey Klingsporn, and Ralph Losey in this webcast slides.

edTalks: Maura Grossman, Ralph Losey, Geoffrey Klingsporn

Georgetown Law CLE & Exterro have partnered to create a new legal thought leadership educational initiative called edTalks, featuring innovative and thought-provoking presentations on cutting edge e-discovery ideas, concepts and best practices. Each edTalk is only 15 minutes long, empowering you to quickly get new techniques and knowledge for re-thinking and improving your e-discovery practices. 

Download these webcast slides to learn the key takeaways from three specific talks: 

  • Attorney Algorithm Aversion and Infatuation.
  • Proportional Document Review under the New Rules and the Art of Cost Estimation.
  • Technology and Trust.

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