edTalks: Daniel Stromberg, Esq.; Susan Wortzman, Esq.; and Tara Jones, MBA

Georgetown Law CLE & Exterro have partnered to create a new legal thought leadership educational initiative called edTalks, featuring innovative and thought-provoking presentations on cutting edge e-discovery ideas, concepts and best practices. Each edTalk is only 15 minutes long, empowering you to quickly get new techniques and knowledge for re-thinking and improving your e-discovery practices.

In this on-demand webcast, listen to three separate edTalks:

  • Simplifying the TAR Discussion with Clients highlights ways you can clearly present the defensibility and benefits of TAR to both lawyers and clients. Presented by Susan Wortzman, Esq., Founder and President, Wortzmans

  • David v. Goliath: Successfully Negotiating E-Discovery Parameters in Assymetrical Litigation provides tools and tips that smaller firms can use to level the playing field when engaging in e-discovery proceedings with larger opposing parties. Presented by Daniel Stromberg, Esq., E-Discovery Counsel, Outten & Golden, LLP

  • Paralegals: The Future E-Discovery Leaders shows how paralegals can take advantage of opportunities to become e-discovery leaders in their organizations. Presented by Tara Jones, MBA, Lead Paralegal – E-Discovery, Oath

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