edTalks: 3 Judges Present on Innovative E-Discovery Practices

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edTalks: 3 Judges Present on Innovative E-Discovery Practices

Webcast Air Date: May 12 at 1pm ET / 10am PT

Georgetown Law CLE & Exterro have partnered to create a new legal thought leadership educational initiative called edTalks, featuring innovative and thought-provoking presentations on cutting edge e-discovery ideas, concepts and best practices. Each edTalk is only 15 minutes long, empowering you to quickly get new techniques and knowledge for re-thinking and improving your e-discovery practices.

In this upcoming webcast, watch three separate edTalks:

  • edTalk #1: Importance of Diversity on the E-Discovery Team: Cultural influences affect a users choice of social media. For example, the words chosen may mean something different based on the user. This presentation will address the importance and impact of diversity on the e-discovery team.

    Presented by Hon. Karen Roby, U.S. Chief Magistrate Judge, Eastern District of Louisiana

  • edTalk #2: Meeting the Court’s Expectations in Responding to E-Discovery: E-Discovery is very prevalent in litigation given the explosion of communication devices and platforms. Such information may be necessary in litigation but the process of obtaining it in accordance with procedural rules and judicial preferences must not be overlooked. This edTalk will discuss judicial perspectives on resolving discovery issues and disputes.

    Presented by Hon. Michelle Childs, U.S. District Judge, District of South Carolina

  • edTalk #3: Best Practices for Effectively Meeting and Conferring regarding ESI: One of the most important elements of successfully conducting e-discovery activities is leveraging meet and confers to help both parties establish proportional and reasonable e-discovery parameters. This edtalk will review what topics should be discussed, who should be involved and how to work effectively with your opponent.

    Presented by Hon. Elizabeth Laporte (Ret.), Mediator & Arbitrator, JAMS

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