edTalks: Is it Malpractice Not to Get a FRE 502(d) Order?

Are you familiar with all the provisions of Federal Rule of Evidence 502? Do you make it a policy to obtain 502(d) order during the e-discovery process? When the benefits of a 502(d) order are so clear-cut, why do some attorneys not bother to obtain them during the discovery process? What are their benefits and drawbacks? In this half-hour webcast, Hon. Andrew Peck, US Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of New York discusses FRE 502 in general and 502(d) orders in particular.

View this on-demand webcast and learn:

  • Review the provisions of FRE 502 and understand their purpose, goals, and implications
  • Understand the benefits of FRE 502(d) orders and their perceived drawbacks—which may not be drawbacks after all
  • Take advantage of 502(d) orders to protect privilege given the inevitability of inadvertent disclosure given the scope of e-discovery today

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