E-Discovery Technology at a Glance: Artificial Intelligence

Learn about the definition, use cases, pros, and cons of new e-discovery technologies in this white paper.

E-Discovery Technology at a Glance: Artificial Intelligence

We usually hear far more about new technologies from product managers than from actual users, but Exterro's series of E-Discovery Technology at a Glance Guides give you a chance to hear directly from the professionals actually using them. Artifiical intelligence (AI) in e-discovery used to exist solely in the realm of document review, but technology companies are finding ways to deploy AI across the entire EDRM, leading to increasing cost and time savings for e-discovery teams.

In this look at artificial intelligence in e-discovery, you will get:

  • A practical definition of AI in e-discovery
  • Pros and cons of AI in e-discovery
  • Competing technologies or processes
  • Criteria to determine if AI in e-discovery makes sense for your organization

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