E-Discovery Maturity by the Numbers

Data and analysis from 200+ responses to Exterro and EDRM's E-Discovery Maturity Quiz

E-Discovery Maturity by the Numbers

Exterro and EDRM partnered to develop the E-Discovery Maturity Quiz, a 20-question self-assessment to help organizations understand how mature their e-discovery processes, technology, and personnel were when compared to best practices in the disciplines of information governance; identification, preservation, and collection; processing and hosting; review and analysis; production; personnel; and matter closing.

With this report, you can now benchmark your own maturity quiz results against those of over 200 anonymous responses from organizations of 200+ employees, in a variety of industries including government, pharmaceuticals, finance, information technology, and more. 

Download this report to learn:

  • Which e-discovery phases in-house teams are most and least mature in
  • How organizations of different sizes and in different industries compare to each other
  • Where you stand compared to your peers by industry and size

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