De-Mystifying Early Case Assessment (ECA) for Cost-Effective E-Discovery

Practical steps for effectively implementing early case assessment strategies

Since the FRCP amendments in 2006, global organizations have been forced to reassess their processes and reduce legal spending. The concept of early case assessment has emerged as one answer to the legal industry's struggles; however, the methods and definition for early case assessment and how to effectively implement it have become extremely confusing.

This on-demand webcast, panelists de-mystify the concepts around early case assessment and equip attendees with practical steps for effectively implementing early case assessment procedures to reduce e-discovery costs and risks.

Watch to learn about:

  • The difference between early case assessment and early data analysis
  • The different roles of IT, legal and outside counsel in the ECA process
  • Leveraging ECA technology to limit the scope and reduce the costs of e-discovery

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