The End of Point Tools: How an E-Discovery Technology Platform Approach Makes Life Easier

Typically legal departments use a variety of e-discovery point tools (i.e., legal hold software, collection software, review software, etc.) made by different providers. The problem with this approach is twofold. Users have to be trained to use multiple software programs; and handoffs between point tools can be cumbersome, slowing down or stopping the e-discovery process. But just as software vendors in other areas united office, accounting, supply change, and other applications into integrated platforms, e-discovery technology providers have started connecting point solutions together, enabling users to seamlessly pass information from one EDRM stage to another, all with one consistent user experience.

In our new technology webcast series, you will hear from technology experts along with in-house legal professionals on what e-discovery tools they are keeping an eye on and those that have made a lasting impact on their legal departments. In this on-demand webcast, learn how managing the e-discovery process on a single, unified platform helps legal teams increase productivity while reducing costs and risks.

NOTE: These sessions will be product agnostic, and not feature specific vendor products.

View this on-demand webcast to:

  • Learn about how a platform approach can simplify and streamline your current e-discovery approach
  • Get in-depth analysis and advice on how leading in-house legal departments are e-discovery platform solutions
  • Find out about the cost and risk mitigation benefits of e-discovery platform technology

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