DSARs and the Costs of Compliance

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DSARs and the Costs of Compliance

Over half of US employees already have or plan to leave their jobs this year. If this self reported intention comes true, it means a tremendous amount of headache, not only for HR and recruiting, but also for privacy department. In California, the employee exemption from CCPA is set to expire at the end of 2022. As we have seen in Europe where employee data is not protected, departing employees almost always submit data subject requests for their data. Recent statistics show that while consumer requests average about $1500 US to satisfy, employee requests can be 20 times that amount.

In addition, when employees leave, the may intentionally or inadvertently expose personal data from your organization, either of customers, suppliers or fellow employees.

  • How to address employee DSARs
  • How to manage costs through automation
  • How to prevent data exfiltration or loss when employees leave the organization.

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