DSAR Nightmare: Discover Everything About Your Data Before You Respond

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DSAR Nightmare: Discover Everything About Your Data Before You Respond

As our technological landscape grows in complexity and sophistication, so does our data. It quickly piles up, leaving organizations unsure of where all their data is, what it contains, and who has access to it. In California, the employee exemption from CCPA is set to expire at the end of 2022. As we have seen in Europe where employee data is not protected, departing employees almost always submit data subject requests for their data.Not only is this an organizational nightmare, but it also creates privacy and compliance risks.

As organizations continue to collect and manage data, they must have a continuous 360 degrees view of all the personal and sensitive data, where it resides, who has access to it and for what purpose. This makes it really easy to accurately maintain a ‘map’ of the sensitive data footprint which reduces the risk and helps meet their compliance obligations. This map enables companies to respond quickly and accurately to employee and consumer requests for information. Compliance regulations require some data be saved securely for a certain amount of time. Powerful tools can help organizations meet these requirements while ensuring that forgotten outdated data doesn’t clog storage, the costs of which can add up. 

  • The best ways for companies to enable discovery driven subject access request process
  • Planning for DSAR compliance with intelligent discovery tools.
  • Additional benefits of having a continuous and integrated data discovery process technology to run scans, gain predictive insights, automate your manual tasks and orchestrate your DSAR process.

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