Cross Border E-Discovery Beyond the EU

In this webcast, our panelists will assess existing and upcoming regulations of foreign nations outside the EU that affect e-discovery operations while providing practical advice to outside and inside counsel.

In recent years, multinational corporations with operations in the EU have been required to address so-called “blocking statutes" and stringent privacy regulations when involved in cross-border e-discovery. New developments in China, India, Mexico and other countries are adding uncertainty for U.S. legal teams trying to comply with and enforce defensible preservation and collection standards.

In this on-demand webcast, panelists examine foreign regulations outside the EU that affect U.S. e-discovery practices.

You will learn:

  • Admissibility standards of foreign data in U.S. courts
  • Effects of foreign laws on U.S. e-discovery
  • Cross-border best practices when conducting e-discovery from Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, Brazil, Argentina

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