Concerns in the Rush for COVID-19 Tracking

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Companies Are Making With the CCPA

Concerns in the Rush for COVID-19 Tracking

Why This Privacy Law is Important:

Apple and Google have proposed using geolocation data as part of this tracking system. Under the CCPA, California residents have the right to opt out of having PII sold to third parties, the right to request disclosure of data already collected, and the right to request deletion of data collected.


Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Google and Apple have teamed together to implement a COVID-19 tracking system. This will allow users to share personal data through Bluetooth technology and send alerts if they’ve been in contact with someone who’s tested positive for the virus. With an extreme rush to implement these tracking capabilities, and CCPA still on track for July 1, 2020 enforcement, many are concerned that privacy regulations will be brushed under the rug.

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