The Comprehensive Guide to E-Discovery Preservation

In this preservation guide, you will learn to incorporate preservation principles into your legal process that will enable defensible & proportional policies.

The Comprehensive Guide to E-Discovery Preservation

The preservation process may be the most complicated and confusing stage within the e-discovery process, namely because there is no bright line indicator of when you need to start preserving data once litigation is reasonably anticipated. Instead, judges and courts around the country have used their own discretion to decide when this must be done, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. That is why you should continually reference preservation best practices and lessons learned from experienced e-discovery practitioners to ensure your process is defensible. 

In this comprehensive e-discovery preservation guide, you will learn how to incorporate preservation principles and tools into your legal process, which in turn, will empower your legal team to create defensible and proportional preservation policies.

Specifically, you will learn: 

  • What is required within your preservation process
  • Need-to-know steps for deciding how and when to preserve data, including new data types 
  • Preservation advice from in-house legal professionals

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