Comprehensive E-Discovery Case Law Guide: 2018 to 2020

Investigating three years of recent, influential e-discovery case law.

Comprehensive E-Discovery Case Law Guide: 2018 to 2020

This Comprehensive E-Discovery Case Law Guide is an overview of e-discovery case rulings from the past three years focusing on three major areas: (1) spoliation of data, (2) proportional and reasonable requests, and (3) the impacts of new data types and technology-assisted review (TAR). With more than 60 cases, this guide covers influential, recent rulings in e-discovery case law that you’ll want to know.

Each Case Law Brief provides:

  • Why the Case is Important: A basic breakdown of the date, the district in which the ruling was placed, and why the case is meaningful.
  • Brief Overview of Case Facts: The plaintiff's arguments vs. the defendants', including necessary backstory.
  • How the Court Ruled: Major components of the ruling, and why the ruling occurred. 
  • Expert Analysis: Commentary from attorneys, former judges, and Exterro's own subject matter experts on the practical effects of these rulings on your practices.

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