See You in the Funny Papers: Exterro E-Discovery Comic Anthology

This E-Book collects and expands on Exterro’s E-Discovery Cartoon Series, providing insight into the trends in the industry while having a laugh along the way.

For over a hundred years, editorial cartoons have taken on politics, business, and scandal; and often, it's these caricatures that capture our attention and aid our understanding of complex issues, sometimes even more than straightforward reporting or analysis. So we thought, “Why not E-Discovery?"

The Exterro creative team put together a set of articles and accompanying cartoons as interpretations of things we are seeing in the industry. They often started in brainstorming sessions, where we would think about the latest in e-discovery trends—the topics we will cover in this e-book: Optimizing the E-Discovery Process, Leveraging the New FRCP, and Managing Big Data—and then we'd imagine ways to show them visually and would keep pushing the idea until it was funny or absurd, but still retained the original message. 

This E-Book is a collection of that work. Hopefully, it will provide insight into some of the challenges and trends you may be facing in E-Discovery, and you'll have a laugh or two along the way.

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