Accelerate your Compliance program with the Three C’s Privacy Pack

Watch this on-demand video to learn more about Exterro's 3 C's Privacy Pack, which bundles four privacy solutions to ensure compliance with new state privacy laws.

Accelerate your Compliance program with the Three C’s Privacy Pack

Are you struggling to keep up with the constantly evolving privacy laws and regulations? Do you need to enhance your privacy compliance program to meet the new state privacy law requirement in California, Colorado and Connecticut and protect your organization and customers' data? If so, then you won't want to miss our upcoming webinar on the "Three C’s Privacy Pack." While the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) includes new requirements around sensitive personal information and establishes a new agency to oversee privacy enforcement in the state, Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) requires businesses to conduct data protection assessments, and the Connecticut Privacy Act (CPA) requires businesses to obtain consent before collecting certain types of sensitive personal information and to provide notice of any data breaches.

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your organization is fully compliant with the latest privacy laws in these three states. Our expert speakers will provide an in-depth overview of the new privacy laws in California, Colorado, and Connecticut, and discuss how to develop and implement a comprehensive privacy compliance program that meets these new requirements.

Watch this on-demand video to learn:

  • The key provisions of the privacy laws in each state, including new data subject rights and data protection requirements.
  • A discussion on high-risk areas of practice, gray areas of the law, and common pitfalls in compliance programs.
  • Key elements to operationalize and accelerate your compliance program.
  • Exterro’s Three C’s Privacy Pack solutions.

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