30 E-Discovery Day Highlights & Best Practices

E-Discovery Day 2016 was evidence of the vibrancy of our community. Here are 30 Best Practices taken from some of the top thought leaders who participated in the day’s events.

30 E-Discovery Day Highlights & Best Practices

On December 1, 2016, thousands of Legal and IT professionals gathered both online and off to discuss e-discovery. It was fantastic. And while the information shared on E-Discovery Day was incredibly educational, it was also evidence of the vibrancy, power, and value of our e-discovery community.

So in the spirit of keeping this sense of community alive, here’s a recap of the six webcasts hosted by Exterro and its partners.

Download this e-book and learn best practices around the following topics:

  • Mainstream News & E-Discovery: What You Should Be Watching Out for in 2017
  • Rule 26(b)(1): How to Make a Persuasive Proportionality Argument
  • Rule 37(e): Less Sanctions, More Negotiating
  • What is E-Discovery Costing Your Organization?
  • Why Every Firm / Legal Department Needs to Invest More in Legal Project Management
  • E-Discovery Training for 2017

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