3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change E-Discovery in the Next 3 Years

Learn how the AI revolution will affect e-discovery over the next few years in this webcast.

Consumers’ lives, tastes, and habits have been profoundly altered by artificial intelligence, with companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Spotify, and Uber disrupting well-established industries. Legal technology including e-discovery (and software as a service in general) will not be spared. No less an authority than Gartner estimates that 80% of emerging technologies will be built on a foundation of artificial intelligence by 2021.

Watch this webcast and learn how AI will change e-discovery and litigation practices, including: 

  • By providing new capabilities and insight throughout the e-discovery process, leading to decreased costs and increased efficiencies
  • By providing insight and analytics earlier in the EDRM, rather than just during document review
  • By orchestrating multiple tasks, coordinating schedules and modeling outcome

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