2022 Privacy Compliance Benchmarking Report

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2022 Privacy Compliance Benchmarking Report

Recent years have seen more and more states and nations passing privacy legislation. Consumers have recognized and welcomed their new rights of control over their personal data, and regulatory bodies are taking a more aggressive approach toward enforcement. Organizations with insufficient means to follow privacy regulations are running serious risks. The best way out is through education on and implementation of defensible practices. In the spirit of educating the legal market on these practices, Exterro and In The House recently collaborated on a survey polling in-house legal and privacy professionals on their organizations’ privacy technology and processes. 

Download this report to learn interesting insights from survey respondents including:

  • What organizations' data inventories tend to include, and where they fall short
  • How organizations are preparing to respond to increasing demand for data subject access requests
  • What types of privacy compliance technology are most popular in the market today

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