2016 E-Discovery Report: Views from Both Sides of the Bench

View this on-demand webcast to learn the key takeaways from Exterro’s 2016 Judges Survey for improving your e-discovery practices.

In today's “Digital Age," everything changes at lightning-speed and everyone is required to adapt quickly. In the world of eDiscovery, things are no different; being undereducated and underprepared is no longer an option. However, an expectation gap still exists between what judges expect related to the process of eDiscovery and what attorneys think is appropriate, which is clearly shown in Exterro's 2nd Annual Federal Judges Survey. Like last year, we asked judges to participate, but to gain a broader view, this year we invited attorneys who specialize in eDiscovery to weigh in on the same questions (Respondents: 14 Federal Judges, 22 Attorneys). The results this year will give legal professionals an inside look on how judges and attorneys respond to the same eDiscovery questions along with information to improve their pre-trial litigation practices in 2016. 

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