Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery

The Current Approach to E‑Discovery is Broken

It takes too long and costs too much to get to the facts of the case. Multiple stakeholders—in-house legal and IT, service providers and outside counsel—use multiple tools requiring multiple manual handoffs with little to no visibility into the current status of tasks and activities. This approach doesn’t suffice in our current “know now” environment.

Orchestrated E-Discovery Diagram

The solution to this is
Orchestrated E-Discovery

Hallmarks of an Orchestrated E-Discovery Solution

Comprehensive Platform

Comprehensive Platform

A completely unified e-discovery solution in which all phases of the EDRM are seamlessly integrated, eliminating the need to manually push the results of one stage to the next.

Process Orchestration

Process Orchestration

Automated workflow that ensures all tasks and activities are assigned, understood and completed with visibility into the status of each, delivering the ability to proactively address potential issues before they result in costly delays.

Easy Accessibility

Easy Accessibility

Cloud-based and available any time, from anywhere, for all stakeholders, regardless of whether they are internal or external to an organization, with appropriate security and privacy controls.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

Specifically designed to reduce the time and costs spent getting to the facts of the matter.

Ease Of Use

Ease of Use

Utilizes the latest user experience technologies and concepts in order to be intuitive for even the most technology averse person in an organization.

Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery

Highlighted Features

Comprehensive, fully integrated cloud‑based e‑discovery platform

The Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite is a natively built solution that delivers everything you need to quickly and easily manage the entire e-discovery process, from identification through to review and production. Internal and external stakeholder tasks are automated and orchestrated across the different phases, ensuring seamless handoffs and full visibility into the status of every activity with a full audit trail. Security and privacy controls are easily applied to protect your corporate assets.

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“The [Exterro Legal Hold] interface is so intuitive, even people that have previously been intimidated by technology easily taught themselves how to use the system.”

—Beth King, RP, Senior Paralegal
Vestas American Wind Technology, Inc.

Customizable Workflows and Process Templates

Improve the efficiency of your e‑discovery and other legal projects with easily tailored, user-defined automated workflows that allow your unique business rules to be applied to all matters, spanning all phases of the E‑Discovery process. Automatic issue resolution and task completion tracking ensures every step of the process is documented and able to withstand judicial or regulatory scrutiny.

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Customizable Workflow

“My team was impressed by the simplicity of the design and the ability to create custom workflows.”

—Chief Privacy Officer and Assistant General Counsel
Nationally Recognized Healthcare Company

Next Generation Approach to Managing E-Discovery Phases

Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery offers an advanced, innovative design unseen in other solutions on the market.

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Simultaneous Collection

Simultaneous Collection + Processing

Processing happens during collection, and almost immediately produces content for review, “collapsing” the traditional process and dramatically decreasing the amount of time it takes to get to the facts of a case, while also slashing costs.

Comprehensive Eca

Comprehensive ECA Prior to Collection

Full search and analytics tools are built-in, including concept search, facet search, fuzzy search, Boolean search, predictive coding and email traffic analysis. All can be invoked prior to collection, enabling users to find responsive data much earlier at a dramatically lower cost.

Single Instance

Single Instance Storage

Exterro’s unique architecture also ensures a document is only collected and stored once, regardless of the number of matters in which it may be responsive, facilitating work product re-use.

Global Labelling

Global Labeling

Critical designations such as Privilege or Confidentiality can be applied once and carried through to all matters via global labels, saving time and money in subsequent reviews.