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Microsoft Office 365 & E‑Discovery

Best Practices & Practical Considerations

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What You Will Learn

Microsoft Office 365 has surged in popularity, growing from 34% adoption by enterprises in 2016 to over 56% by mid-2018. But enterprises have concerns not only around equipment and software costs; they also have to be cognizant of the risks and requirements of preserving and collecting data to meet their e-discovery obligations. To meet that need, Microsoft has included e-discovery capabilities in Office 365, but are they enough to fulfill your organization’s legal obligations?

In Exterro’s Office 365 webcast series, we’ll be looking at how Microsoft Office 365 fits into enterprise e-discovery processes and how you can use e-discovery technology to augment its capabilities and get to the facts of your case faster and at less expense. The first webcast in this series will focus on best practices and practical considerations for using Office 365’s e-discovery capabilities, while the second will offer a demonstration of how Exterro’s Office 365 Explorer can give you the ability to assess data without having to scan or index it first.

In this series, you will learn:

  • How in-house legal professionals are incorporating Office 365 in their e-discovery process
  • Best practices and practical considerations when using Office 365 for e-discovery
  • How Exterro Office 365 Explorer can help you detect custodian data sources, highlight communication patterns, and collect identified data
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Webcast #1 On-Demand Recording Available

6 Important Considerations When Using Office 365 for E-Discovery

Your organization uses Microsoft Office 365 (O365) and you're interested in leveraging O365 to enhance and improve your e-discovery activities. 

In this upcoming webcast, find out how legal professionals are using O365 in tandem with their own e-discovery software to create a streamlined, comprehensive e-discovery program.

Attend this webcast to learn:

  • How in-house legal professionals are incorporating O365 into their e-discovery process
  • Best practices for leveraging O365's e-discovery capabilities to secure and search documents without collection
  • Practical considerations to remember when incorporating O365 into your broader e-discovery proces
Webcast Speakers
Leonid Balaban, CEDS
Leonid Balaban, CEDS IT Security Analyst;
University of Colorado
Sean Evans
Sean Evans Managing Director;
Michael Hamilton, J.D.
Michael Hamilton, J.D. Director of Marketing Programs;
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Webcast #2 March 12th at 2:30 PM ET / 11:30 AM PT

Exterro Microsoft Office 365 Explorer: Making ECA Easier

Speed up your early case assessment (ECA) strategy and get to the facts of your case quicker by using Exterro Office 365 Explorer. With this new technology, Exterro leverages the latest Microsoft® API’s and machine learning, giving you the ability to assess data without having to scan or index it first. 

Register for this 30-minute product demo webcast and learn how Exterro Office 365 Explorer can:

  • Easily detect all custodian owned and collaborative Office 365 data sources
  • Quickly highlight communication patterns, rapidly build multiple searches to identify your best discovery and case strategies
  • Visually explore communication patterns between to identify additional custodians and quickly add them to a matter or legal hold
  • Effortlessly collect desired identified data in just a few clicks!
Webcast Speakers
Bill Piwonka
Bill Piwonka Chief Marketing Officer; Exterro
Joe Mulenex
Joe Mulenex Director - Solution Team Consultants;