2nd Annual Blickstein Group/Exterro Study of Effective Legal Spend Management

Legal Spend Management Strategies and Tactics from a Survey of 59 In-House Legal Professionals

What's Inside?

In this report, survey respondents provide insight into organizational-level budgeting trends, evaluate 22 different legal spend management techniques, and analyze the most common challenges and impediments to effective legal spend management. With the information in this report, you can take strategic and tactical measures to manage in-house and external legal spend more effectively than ever.

Legal Spend Survey Cover 2018

What You Can Expect to Learn

Decrease Spend

Whether legal department budgets are still shrinking or finally looking up again

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How law firms aren't evolving to meet client efficiency expectations

Legal Spent

How controlling e-discovery costs is playing an increasingly important role in minimizing overall legal spend

Survey Data Sources

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In-House Legal Professionals


Major Industries and Business Sectors


of data points on budget amounts, transparency, and challenging