2016 Law Firm Benchmarking Report

Staying Competitive in Today's Crowded Legal Market

What's Inside?

79% of law firms surveyed in Exterro’s 2016 Law Firm Benchmarking Report stated that client expectations have elevated (i.e. clients expect more services for lower fees). Additionally, in the past two years, 54% have noticed an increase in clients doing more work in-house. In this benchmarking report, learn why these changing legal business circumstances will force firms to find ways to increase productivity or risk revenue loss.

Law Firm Benchmarking Survey

What You Can Expect to Learn

Elevated Expectations

How you can meet elevated client expectations with new approaches to billing

Managing Legal Ops

How law firms are currently managing Legal Operations

Optimize Legal Ops

How to optimize your Legal Operations for the future

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Respondents from 29 US States and 6 Countries

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