Streamline Your GDPR, CCPA and Other Privacy Compliance Processes

Quickly and easily identify, map, manage and protect your data

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Optimize your processes for identifying, finding, managing and protecting personal data stored throughout your organization.

Exterro’s Privacy solutions enable your team to quickly and easily orchestrate processes for complying with critical requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other privacy regulations. With the Exterro Suite, your teams can quickly and defensibly develop and maintain a data inventory, respond to data subject access requests, conduct 3rd party risk profiles, implement automated policies that will find PII across your IT infrastructure and enforce business rules for storage, retention and protection of personal data.

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Key Features

Data Inventory/Mapping

  • Built on key industry standards and over 30 years of expertise working with more than 1,000 premier clients
  • Identifies where data exists throughout your organization and ties data to specific privacy/security regulatory requirements
  • Provides a repeatable process for data mapping
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Data Inventory/Mapping

Data Subject Access Request

  • Orchestrates the entire process from request receival, through search, review, redaction, delivery or other desired action of requested documents
  • Dashboards provide visibility into the status of every action, looming or missed deadlines, data collection progress and much more
  • Quickly find information stored across your IT infrastructure and review documents in place without having to collect them first
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Data Subject Access Request

File Analysis

  • Quickly identify sensitive (e.g. PII, PHI) or business critical information stored throughout your IT infrastructure
  • Intuitive and data rich dashboards highlight key attributes of identified information
  • Automatically find data stored in violation of your privacy and security policies
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File Analysis

Vendor Risk Profiling

  • Provides a repeatable process for third-party diligence in which different teams collaborate to achieve, maintain, and defensibly document due diligence
  • Dashboard analytics provide immediate visibility into problem areas that require prompt attention
  • Built around regulatory requirements, providing unprecedented and invaluable program documentation and reporting
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Vendor Risk Profiling


3rd Party Integrations

Leverage your existing IT investments by utilizing Exterro's open architecture and integrations with enterprise infrastructure, data sources, and other 3rd party applications

3rd Party Integrations