FOIA & Public Records Response Software

FOIA & Public Records Response

Federal and state government agencies use Exterro to provide a centralized management hub for rapidly responding to FOIA / public records requests. Customizable processes manage all activities, from document preservation through to production. Additionally, the Exterro solution empowers government legal teams to search and review data sources in-place - before collecting a single document – resulting in significant productivity increases and lower cost.

Features Include:
  • Centralized Command Center
    Empower your FOIA/public request officer to manage the entire request process from one software solution, while easily assigning document review tasks to the appropriate subject matter experts, even those who are remote.
  • In-Place Search Technology
    Create a searchable index of a document's metadata and text content as it exists "in the wild," then apply search and filter criteria to rapidly identify responsive documents before collection.
  • On-the-Fly Redaction
    Redact sensitive content and tag documents with exemptions pre and post collection.
  • Data Source Integration
    With the industry's broadest set of integrations, you can easily connect to commonly collected data sources like email, file shares, etc. to quickly collect pertinent information for processing and production.