File Analysis Software

The foundational building block for your Information Governance efforts


Understand and manage unstructured data and make smarter decisions

Exterro File Analysis provides the critical foundation for any Information Governance project by delivering the information you need to achieve your cost and risk reduction efforts.

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Key Benefits

Identify Sensitive Data

Identify sensitive (e.g. PII, PHI) or business critical information stored throughout your IT infrastructure

Reduce Storage Costs

Reduce storage costs by identifying & deleting content that no longer meets your retention policies or preservation obligations

Consolidate / Migrate Content

Reduce costs and security risks by ensuring the right data is stored in the right place


Intuitive Dashboards

Intuitive and data-rich dashboards in Exterro's File Analysis software display key information about the content stored on your data sources such as network shares and SharePoint servers. Key document properties such as date created, last modified, access rights, metadata, and content type are displayed, providing the critical foundation for all your information governance cost and risk reduction activities.

Intuitive Dashboards

Policy Management

Proactively manage policies that support organizational goals by gaining insight into the content that matters most. Easily identify data that has business or legal value, such as sensitive data (e.g. personally identifiable or health information), files found outside retention guidelines or ESI on legal hold, to make informed business decisions.

Policy Management

Process Enforcement

Comprehensive approval, reporting and auditing capabilities, enabled by the process engine within the Exterro Platform, ensure all downstream actions are documented and defensible.

Process Enforcement

Data Source / User Access Analytics

Gain a clear understanding of content authored and accessed by your employees to facilitate complex data migration and legacy data clean-up efforts.

Data Source / User Access Analytics


Nishad Shevde, Director of Strategic Operations at Exterro, reviews how Exterro File Analysis enables users to analyze unstructured data and compare it to their organizational policies to drive effective action.