Employee Change Monitor

Reduce your risk caused by employee status changes


Improve operations by automating actions when employees terminate, transfer, or undergo any other status changes

Employee Change Monitor enables you to proactively take steps to mitigate risk associated with the change in any data field stored in your HR information system and shared with the Exterro Platform. For example, when an employee leaves your organization, a task can be issued to take a snapshot of her email box and backup her files, a system notification can be sent to alert Records Management of the change in employment status, and the employee can automatically be released from any active legal holds.

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Key Benefits


Employee status changes, such as resignation, or name change, automatically trigger an analysis to determine if loss of corporate information might occur.


Employee status changes generate corrective actions such as creation of a task, sending of a notification or automated system action can be executed


Reference an audit trail that tracks every event and response defensibly demonstrate compliance with e-discovery and IG policies.


Managed Workflows

Tasks can be assigned to individuals or to people who have been assigned to a defined role, such as matter team member. Task recipients complete the assigned action item and update the status to keep authorized users informed.

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Managed Workflows

Complete Audit Trail

Each detected event, automated action, and assigned task within Employee Change Monitor is time-stamped and recorded to provide a complete audit trail that documents how each employee status change was managed.

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Complete Audit Trail


Flexible HR Integrations

Employee Change Monitor connects with all leading HR systems to obtain relevant employee reference data such as current and previous job titles, department, employee ID, status, contact information, and supervisor information. This information can be synchronized on a nightly basis to ensure that data is current.

Flexible HR Integrations

Customer Testimonial

Tara Jones, Legal Services Manager at Oath, and Christa Haskins, E-Discovery/ESI Support Manager at Becton Dickinson, discuss how Exterro Employee Change Monitor automates retention of employee assets, reducing the likelihood of accidental loss of data.

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