E-Discovery Data Mapping

The only application designed to create a data map of all of your organization’s ESI


Easily maintain an up-to-date record of your electronically stored information

Build and maintain an up-to-date directory that mirrors your evolving data source inventory with Exterro Data Mapping. Identify important ESI repositories, eliminate irrelevant ones, and meet the most rigorous judicial and compliance standards.

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Key Benefits


Now legal and IT can collaborate for a timely, agile response when served with a demand for document production.

Cost Reducation

Reduce review costs and workload with more efficient early identification and elimination of unneeded data sources.


Dramatically improve the accuracy of information assets and reduce the risk of missing crucial ESI.



Provides an interactive and configurable dashboard to display the key information regarding data sources in a single view.

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Consistent Process Orchestration

Provides a repeatable process for data mapping in which different teams collaborate with each through automated, coordinated tasks and activities

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Consistent Process Orchestration