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Need a quick way to see what data is on a computer hard drive?

Join the thousands of forensic professionals worldwide who trust FTK Imager as their go-to solution for the first step in investigating an electronic device.


Preview and image hard drives from Windows and Linux computers, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, and other USB devices for free with FTK Imager! Acquire electronic evidence in a forensically sound manner by creating copies of computer data without making any changes to the original evidence.


Create a custom content image of your dataset by selecting only the data you want in order to reduce the size of your dataset and make your investigation more efficient yet still forensically sound. Manually add files or directories to your custom image or use wildcard search criteria to select targeted files.


Mount an image for a read-only view that leverages Windows® File Explorer to see the content of the image exactly as the user saw it on the original drive. See and recover files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin, but have not yet been overwritten on the drive.


Generate hash reports for regular files and disk images (including files inside disk images) that you can later use as a benchmark to prove the integrity of your case evidence. Use either of the two leading hash functions: Message Digest 5 (MD5) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1).


Preview the contents of forensic images stored on your local machine or on a network drive. This feature works with files and folders on local hard drives, network drives, CDs and DVDs, thumb drives or other USB devices.


FTK Imager can write and read all of the most common forensic image formats, making it easy to continue your forensic analysis and review in whatever tool you use in your workflow, including the full-featured FTK Forensic Toolkit.


FTK Imager allows you to perform memory capture or registry capture on a live device, to recover passwords or other data stored in memory on the active device. For large-scale remote volatile data capture and robust memory analysis capabilities, upgrade to a full-featured version of FTK, including FTK® Enterprise or FTK® Central.

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I’ve used FTK Imager for nearly 20 years. Imager has always been a  dependable imaging tool but the recent improvements in speed are really outstanding. We've seen the time to image a device cut in half! Great work!
Tom Angle
Forensic Consultant, Law Enforcement

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Upgrade to the Gold Standard in Digital Forensics

While FTK Imager excels at electronic device imaging, its analysis and review capabilities are limited. For more than 15 years, digital forensics professionals have counted on the full-featured FTK Forensic Toolkit to complete forensically sound investigations.

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Still the most trusted digital forensics tool on the planet.

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