Exterro Platform

The unifying foundation for all Exterro’s E-Discovery and Information Governance solutions


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The Exterro Platform unifies all of Exterro's E-Discovery and Information Governance solutions, giving you the ability to easily add new Exterro applications as your business needs expand. Featuring the broadest set of integration capabilities, the Exterro platform fits seamlessly into your unique IT infrastructure, regardless of whether on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid model and delivers the enterprise scalability, performance and security you require to run your business.

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Key Benefits


Offers seamless integration with existing enterprise technologies, enabling customers to maintain existing investments without sacrificing flexibility.


A collaborative medium linking a variety of key stakeholders, such as: Legal, IT, Records Management, and Compliance, through an intuitive framework.


Rich visualization tools and an intuitive interface enable clients to gain critical insight into their E-Discovery and Information Governance initiatives.


Integration Hub

The Exterro Integration Hub offers broad integration with a variety of enterprise applications and content creation and storage technologies. It also integrates with a wide range of third-party EDRM tools for faster, more efficient execution of critical litigation tasks while driving down e-discovery costs.

Integration Hub

Enterprise Ready

Built using industry-standard J2EE architecture for capability that grows with and adapts to changing business demands, our platform has been optimized to quickly process the vast amounts of data your organization will create in the coming years while simultaneously complying with IT security and access control requirements.

Enterprise Ready

Powerful Workflow Engine

A built-in workflow engine offers customized workflows that automate and orchestrate your E-Discovery and Information Governance processes, delivering consistency, predictability, auditability, and defensibility.

Powerful Workflow Engine

Customer Testimonial

David Yerich from UnitedHealth Group reviews the value of the 3rd party integrations that the Exterro Platform enables for all e-discovery and information governance products.