Exterro Project Management for Law Firms

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Deliver more value to clients by using the only purpose-built project management solution designed for law firms


Gain project visibility and consistency while enhancing collaboration and communication across all stakeholders

Exterro Project Management for Law Firms is the only purpose-built, easily customized legal project management system designed specifically to orchestrate the workflows and activities associated with legal processes, including e-discovery, matter intake, witness ID/deposition tracking, case management, and more. It ensures consistency, provides visibility into all projects, and improves efficiency, cost control, and communication across all stakeholders, enabling you to reliably manage resource workloads and deliver more value to your clients.

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Key Benefits


Automates repeatable processes for consistent, high quality projects


Easily customized workflows orchestrate your unique tasks, activities, and processes


Intuitive dashboards and reports deliver transparency for keeping projects on time and under budget.


User Customized Workflows and Process Templates

Improve the efficiency of your legal projects with reusable and easily customized workflows and templates. Properly scope, budget, and manage your client matters, aligning with and delivering more value to them. Easily add new tasks and activities mid-project when needs change, with full transparency and audit trails, enhancing efficiency, cost control, and stakeholder communication.

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User Customized Workflows and Process Templates

Intuitive Management Dashboards and Configurable Reports

Gain insights with intelligent dashboards and advanced reporting in real time. Ensure deadlines are met and proactively identify potential problems through at-a-glance workflow visibility into activity owners, deliverables, issues, and notes at the overall project and individual task levels. Exception reports provide immediate visibility into problem areas that require prompt attention.

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Intuitive Management Dashboards and Configurable Reports

Collaborative Platform

Improve client satisfaction by enforcing communication and accountability among clients, service providers, merit teams, project managers, and all other stakeholders. Fully defensible, auditable workflows and documented processes eliminate chaotic fire drills and ensure that deadlines are met in the most efficient, consistent manner possible. Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook and other applications via an open API to leverage existing investments and enforce collaboration.

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Collaborative Platform

Simple, Intuitive Interface

Utilizing the latest advancements in user design, Exterro Project Management for Law Firms is incredibly easy to use – even for the most technology-adverse people – including support for mobile devices and tablets. Incorporating common design elements, users intuitively understand how to perform their required actions and easily move projects forward.

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Simple, Intuitive Interface


3rd Party Integrations

Integrate with existing IT systems (HR, asset management, matter management, and more) and third-party EDRM tools (collection, processing, and review), via connectors or Exterro's published APIs, to equip discovery response teams with a streamlined, end-to-end e-discovery ecosystem that delivers cost savings on every matter.

3rd Party Integrations



Trial Preparation

Ensure nothing is overlooked as your team prepares for trial with a process for items such as trial exhibits, mock trial, court technology set up and more.


30(b)(6) Witness Preparation

Manage the tasks and activities associated with the preparation of matter's 30(b)(6) witnesses for depositions.


Matter Initiation

This workflow orchestrates the work that needs to occur when a new matter has been created, including conflict review, account setup, contract management and more.


Other Legal Processes

Ensure consistency and visibility for all your legal processes, including Evidence Tracking, Collection Tracking, Motions and Pleadings, Appellate Briefs, etc.