Spot Collector

E-Discovery Data Management Add-on Module

The Exterro Spot Collector offers all of the collection capabilities of Exterro E-Discovery Data Management, but on a single portable USB drive. This enables legal/IT staff or custodians to collect electronically stored information (ESI) from machines that are not connected to the organization’s network

Key Features

Spot Collector Intuitive Ui

Intuitive UI

Spot Collector’s simple, wizard-driven user interface allows staff or custodians to collect information onto any USB or other portable storage device.

Spot Collector Metadata

Metadata Preservation

The metadata of collected files is preserved throughout the process—a must for defensibility in court.

Spot Collector Security

Security via Encryption

A judge-friendly defensibility report allows counsel to Illustrate every step of the process, including who was responsible and how tasks were performed. All aspects of the predictive intelligence process are displayed, including the rationale for labeling.

Spot  Collector
Spot Collector
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Product Brief

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Exterro Spot Collector Product Brief

To learn more about the capabilities of Exterro Spot Collector and how it can help you in e-discovery process, download the product brief.

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