Exterro Smart Labeling

AI-Driven Review

Exterro Smart Labeling leverages the latest deep learning technology innovations to help guide reviewers by constantly analyzing and understanding the context of their labeling decisions and suggesting/queueing and labelling the most relevant unreviewed documents, saving significant time and cost.

Key Features

Smart Labeling Optimized Review Resize

Intelligent, Optimized Review

Reviewers are “guided” in their actions as the system steers the user to review documents it finds to be most relevant to their task, saving considerable time and cost.

Smart Labeling Smart Labels

Smart Labels

Exterro Smart Labeling algorithms are continually updated and refined as Reviewers perform their jobs. Labels are applied to unreviewed documents with a corresponding confidence score, helping reviewers to view the most highly likely relevant documents

Smart Labeling Works As You Work

Works as You Work

Exterro Smart Labeling requires no seed sets, trainings nor changes to current review processes, as it works “in the background” while reviewers complete their tasks.

Smart Labeling Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Exterro's Deep Learning based approach understands context such as the meaning of words, sentence structure, word patterns etc. and recognizes key terms - not by processing exhaustive sets of rules, but through practice and feedback - mimicking how the human brain functions

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Smart Labeling
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