Fully integrated, complete review platform supports the most cost-effective combination of internal, contract, and service provider reviewers.

Key Features


Accelerated Time to Review

Exterro’s end-to-end, fully integrated platform ensures the shortest possible time to review from matter inception. Documents can be concurrently collected and processed from multiple data sources and seamlessly moved into review as data becomes available, without delays, handoffs, and complex promotion/staging procedures common in other platforms.

Review Role Based Access

Role-Based Access

Our cloud-based platform enables seamless integration of multiple internal and external stakeholders with robust matter- and role-based security controls, ensuring the right parties see the right data, and the right roles have access to the right functionality.


Integrated ESI Analysis Review

Eliminate the time and expense of exporting documents with the tight integration of Exterro Review and Exterro E-Discovery Data Management.

Review Intuitive User Experience

Intuitive User Experience

Featuring a simple, intuitive HTML5-based user interface, Exterro Review requires minimal instruction prior to document reviewers and administrators becoming productive. Features are elegantly revealed as users gain experience and comfort.


Robust Reporting

Intuitive dashboard and comprehensive reporting capabilities facilitate review management, analysis, and resource optimization. Easily view overall project progress, the status of reviewer groups and individual performance, and gain insight into key business metrics.


Smart Labeling

Deep learning-based Smart Labeling algorithms guide reviewers in their actions, steering users to review the documents most relevant to their assigned task. 

Product Brief

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Exterro Review Product Brief

To learn more about the capabilities of Exterro Review and how it can help your e-discovery process, download the product brief.

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