ESI Vault


The most architecturally advanced ESI storage available delivers significant cost savings, risk reduction, and powers productivity through cross-matter work product re-use and analytics.

Key Features

Esi Single Authoritative Source

Single Authoritative Source of Record

Maximize work product re-use via a real-time, fully integrated ESI vault that enables one-click repurposing of data across matters. Gain insight and optimize operations through cross matter analytics.

Esi True Global Labeling

True Global Labelling

Save time and money while significantly reducing risk by ensuring documents deemed “confidential” or “privileged” once, carry those designations across matters in real time.

Esi Designed For Enterprise

Designed for the Enterprise

Big-data architecture that scales efficiently, both horizontally, and vertically, and self-optimizes to meet growing enterprise data volumes and the dynamically changing litigation landscape inside large organizations.

Esi  Vault
ESI Vault
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Product Brief

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E-Discovery Data Management Product Brief

To learn more about the capabilities of Exterro E‑Discovery Data Management and how it can help you in your early case assessment process, download the product brief.

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